Our NEW Website

Welcome to our NEW website!

After a lot of work we are pleased to show off our new website. We aim to keep the website as up to date as possible so please check back regularly to see what's going on at 2nd Deal. Here are just some of the features of the website that you may want to check out! Please feel free to give us some feedback or suggestion of what you would like to see in future!


Our news page will contain information about upcoming events and reports on what we have done. Any group announcements will also feature here.

Facebook / Website Link

From time to time it will be quicker and easier for us to simply post to our facebook page to share information. On our website home page there is a feed direct from the group facebook account so it doesn't matter if you have facebook or not, you can still get the same information.


Where possible we usually try and have a camera nearby to capture the fun moments. The Gallery page will contain all the photos in one big album but it also has the facility to filter images into smaller albums using the topic headers at the top of the page. NOTE: If you do not wish to have your child's images used then please let us know via the group email. Where possible names will not be used and full names of young people are never used.


This page will contain everything from permission slips to activity badge sheets to complete at home. The Download page can be accessed via the sections pages, where it will automatically filter to the relevant downloads for that section. This page will also be available from any event or news pages where again it will filter to the relevant documents. To browse all downloads simply click SHOW ALL on the topic headers at the top of the download page.


The Calendar page holds details of any events, camps, fundraisers or district events. It also contains each sections meeting nights so you can quickly see whether your section is meeting on a specific date. If you are required to bring anything with you to a section meeting then we can put this on here for you.


We hope that we will be able to bring you blogs direct from the young people about what they have been up to (subject to them having time on section nights!). These blogs are created via the website WORDPRESS so the link will take you to an external site.

Newsletters/Mailing Lists

This is a new feature to us so we are still working out how best to use this feature. In the meantime if you wish to be added to a group mailing list then please feel free to subscribe to it.